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Garden Cart – All Purpose Cart For The Garden


All Purpose Cart For Lawn & Garden. Can be used as a beach cart, boat cart, tail-gate and picnic trolley, hunting / fishing cart, home-repair utility cart, sports wagon, etc. Cart engineered for all-terrain and all-weather conditions. Wheels Designed to roll over sand, gravel, mud, snow, grass and hard surfaces.

Product Description

Mighty Max Is The Best Cart For Gardening.

This all utility cart can transport and support any load around the garden, yard, house, office, store, garage, warehouse or even outdoors – when going boating, fishing, hunting, sports events, at the beach, tailgate parties and picnics.

When the job is done, Mighty Max compacts to hang on a wall or easily store in a boat locker or small car trunk.

Comes with:

  • Expandable Flatbed.
  • One “Easy On / Easy Off” Tilting Tub For Loose Loads.
  • A Pair Of Removable Cargo Walls For Firewood And Stackable Loads.
  • And A Tool Rack.


  • Comes with Super-Grip PermaFlate™ Wheels – Never Go Flat, Never Need Lubrication, Never Rust.
  • Rolls Easily Over Almost Any Terrain. Will Not Bog Down In Soft Turf, Sand, Dirt Or Snow.
  • Hose Off To Clean.
  • Made Of Space-Age Polymers To Last A Lifetime.

All Purpose Cart – Strong enough for construction workers…Light enough for Grandma.

Use it as a Flat Bed Cart – easily hauls over 600 pounds of furniture, boxes, tools, toys, equipment, concrete blocks, potted trees, soil and fertilizer bags, hay bales, etc. Extends for long loads and Retracts for easy storage.

Use it with Cargo Walls – becomes the perfect log hauler, sports equipment wagon, beach, camping, fishing and hunting cart. Great for picnics and lawn and tailgate parties.

Use it with a Tub on the flat bed to have the Ideal Lawn & Garden Carts. The sturdy 6″ deep tub carries 1/3 cubic yard of sand, gravel, dirt or mulch and dumps the load where you want it.

Use it with Tub atop cargo walls – becomes a Double Decker cart. Painters put gallon cans on bottom, brushes and roller tray on top. Super for home repair, hobbies, spring planting.

Use it with Multiple Tubs – Stacks up to 3 high on the flat bed to carry separate loads such as fish, bait, and refreshments, for example.

This cart will replace the old wheelbarrows, dollies and wagons. Ideal for the house, garden, lawn, small businesses, contractors and manufacturers.

100% Made in The USA

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The Mighty Max All-Purpose Cart Is 100% Made-in-the-USA and 100% Recyclable.

These unique non-flattening Perma-flate wheels have permanent Rubber Tires, made from thermoplastic elastomers for durability and an easy ride.  Engineered for all-terrain and all-weather conditions, these powerful wheels will never deform or need air or lubrication. They can even be used in salt water and sterile environments.

Designed to roll over sand, gravel, mud, snow, grass and hard surfaces such as sidewalks, streets, piers and concrete floors. These rugged wheels also work well indoors on wood floors, linoleum, tile and carpet. Ideal cart for home, office, warehouse, jobsite, recreation and sports activities.

Dimensions and Weights –

The Mighty Max frame easily expands from 31” to 34.5” and then again to 38” in length. In closed configuration, its wide 4” x 8”. Wheels are designed to roll loads up to 600 lbs. The telescoping handle retracts to 22" and extends to 34" and folds under the frame for easy storage and transporation.