Best Driveway Curb Ramp Solution For Your Car

A big portion of the housing developments in America utilized a less expensive rolled curb and gutter system which was thought to be an acceptable driveway entry, but in retrospect, turned out to be a bad design that would not accommodate today’s lower slung cars and low profile tires.

Today over 9 million rolled curb driveway entries exist in the U.S. and Canada, and in many cases can cause expensive vehicle damage. Wheels can be bent and steering components damaged, impacting wheel alignment, which in turn causes excess tire wear and increased fuel consumption.

We all have felt the bottom of our cars scrape along the pavement as we drive over these rolled curb ramps.

So what is the solution? Instead of paying for an expensive modification to the driveway entry, the Bridjit Curb Ramp offers a low cost driveway solution that would provide homeowners with a lower impact entry and exiting experience. Bridjit Curb Ramps has effectively designed a high-quality, green solution, that ends the jarring and underside vehicle damage that occurs from roll-over curb driveways.

These driveway curb ramps are ideal for low profile cars like the Toyota Prius or for cars like the Chevy Corvette that have ground attachments. It is also particularly ideal for enthusiasts with luxury, sports and classic cars, trailers, RV’s, converted vans, motorcycles, golf carts or other vehicles with a low underside clearance or an extended overhang. By installing a three-piece auto ramp set from Bridjit, your car will glide smoothly into your driveway without damaging your vehicle.

“Tires For Tires”. In a real sense, the Bridjit curb ramps are the perfect solution not only to the rolled curb issue, but also to the problem occurring with old and used tires that take up so much valuable space in our landfills. Haven’t you wondered what happens to all those old tires you throw out? Unfortunately, the answer too often is “not much.” There are approximately 270 million old tires added to the US landfill each year. Tire dumps are also know to harbor vermin and mosquitoes, creating unsafe health conditions. Due to heavy metals and other pollutants, dumped tires can leech into groundwater, again affecting the health of our communities. Bridjit have now recycled 38,000 tires in the production of their curb ramps!

Bottom line – Bridjit driveway ramps for lowered cars have created a great product while still being great stewards for our environment.