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ATR Tile Leveling System

Hazlo tu mismo instalacion de ceramicas

Instalación de cerámicas ¿Estés renovando tu casa y precisas instalar cerámicas? ¿Estás llevando a cabo refacciones y quieres colocar nuevas baldosas en los pisos de la sala de estar o el comedor? ¿O tal vez revestir con azulejos las paredes del cuarto de baño o la cocina? Bien, quizás ya lo tengas decidido… Ya sabes […]

Tile Shower Seat

Preformed Shower Seat and Shelf

EZ Ready to Tile Shower Seat and Shelf EZ ready to tile seat and shelf is a strong & sturdy, easy to install shower seat that is great for new projects as well as retro-fit and bath renovation projects. With the specially coated hardened aluminum construction this product forms an extremely durable shower seat that […]

DTA Standard Tool Gun

Causes and solutions for lippage

Lippage is the height difference between two adjacent tiles. Extreme lippage may affect the aesthetics of your flooring and is also potentially a tripping hazard. Laying tiles on an uneven subsurface is a common cause of lippage so tile installers should do their best to ensure the subsurface is leveled  before laying any tile or stone […]