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Infrared Radiant Heating Panels - Ember Glass (47 in. x 24 in.)

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Ember Glass radiant heating panels offer clean heat without any smell, sound or allergens. Available in Black Or White.


Large Infrared Heating Panels - Ember Glass (47 in. x 24 in.)

Ember radiant panels offer contemporary styling in two main varieties: Glass and Mirror. The Glass variety comes in black or white colors in two different sizes, while the Mirror variety is available in a mirror finish in one size.

This sleek 3.9 by 2 feet, plug-in heating panel emits 800 watts and can be mounted to any wall in a home to bring supplementary or primary heat to a room. It can also be mounted to the ceiling using our available ceiling mounting kit. In addition, mounted vertically, it can be used as a towel warmer with added towel bars (Bars sold separately).

Very Easy Installation Instructions For Ember Infrared Radiant Heating Panel


Uses and Benefits:

  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically to a wall in any room to provide comforting, even heat.

  • The Ember mirror infrared heater can even be mounted to a ceiling using our ceiling mounting kit.

  • Unlike convection heating, this radiant panel does not circulate dust or other allergens into the air.

  • Ember radiant panels have one of the highest possible efficiency rates and consume the least amount of energy possible.

Accompanying accessories for Ember Heating Panels:

  • Towel bars for use in the bathroom.

  • Ceiling mounting kit.

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