High-end Bathroom Accessories with Swarovski Crystals

If you ever watch HGTV or the DIY network, you know that the two areas of focus in your house need to be the kitchen and the bathrooms. That’s where you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to resale value and really those rooms are where you want the most luxurious experiences anyway.

Let’s do a mental exercise: think about how many times you walk into your bathroom in a day. Now think about walking into a finely-appointed bathroom with beautiful tile and fixtures, high-end bathroom accessories, perhaps even a towel warmer for your fluffy towels, maybe even a plant or two. Hold that picture in your mind for a bit. It’s calming isn’t it? A peaceful space away from everything (and everyone) to get a moment of zen and beauty. That’s what’s amazing about the bathroom: when you are in there, it is a place away from the hectic-ness of life. It’s no wonder people want that space to be beautiful.

Bath Set with Swarovski Crystals

Now, think about the bathroom you have. Is it as peaceful and luxurious as the picture you have in your mind’s eye? Do you have the bathroom of your dreams? No? Well, no need to rip out tiles just yet; there is a better place to start.

First, think about your bathroom accessories. Do you have an old rickety toilet paper holder? What about one with Swarovski crystals instead? Luxury bathroom accessories sets bring a touch of beauty to your space without needing a full scale demolition and rebuild. If you were picturing a towel warmer, start there. High-end bathroom accessories help shape the look of the room and can bring to life the mental picture of luxury and calm. Get a plant and a chrome bathroom trashcan. Get a toilet brush holder that is a joy to look at instead of an eyesore.

A full bathroom reno is a large project, but you don’t need to wait to start. Start with the accessories and buy according to your dream. Hold the mental picture of the perfect bathroom in your mind as you shop and you will enjoy the feeling of luxury every time you are in the bathroom.