Eco Friendly Stone Polishing Pad Cheetah - 5 Pads Set
Cheetah Polishing Pads 20 Inch - Set of 5 Pads
Cheetah Polishing Pads 20 Inch - Set of 5 Pads
Eco Friendly Stone Polishing Pads

Cheetah Polishing Pads 20 Inch - Set of 5 Pads

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Polish like a pro with this fastest stone restoration system on the planet!!!


Eco Friendly Stone Polishing Pads - Cheetah pads 20 inch set (Comes with a finishing touch polishing pad 11,000 grit)

Floor Machines - 20" (175-350 rpm)

Available Grits:
Step 1 - Aggressive Grit (Removes deep scratches).
Step 2 - Moderate Grit (Removes mild to moderate scratches and etching).

Steps three and four are to prepare the surface for polishing.

Step 3 - Light Grit.
Step 4 - Finishing Grit.
Step 5 - For Ultra Shine.

Cheetah polishing pads are a great new stone restoration pads for Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Terrazzo, and other natural stone floors and surfaces. Using diamond pads technology, Cheetah Pads make high quality stone restoration faster, less expensive and more profitable.

  • As much as 75% lower cost and up to 70% reduction in labor.

  • Work well on any floor buffer, orbital or planetary machine. No heavy duty equipment required

  • No acidic polishing compounds or crystallizer are needed! only water

  • Diamond pads are an Eco Friendly way to achieve a dull hone on Travertine, Marble, or Limestone Floors, countertops or walls.

  • Safe on all stones and tile, will not damage any stone.

  • Very easy to use - No acidic components - Extreme concentration of micro abrasives.


Made in the U.S.A

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