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Countertop Heaters

Countertop Heaters For Granite And Stone Surfaces

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These Counter-top heaters can be installed on new or existing stone countertops. Perfect for overhangs on kitchen islands and peninsulas, bars, and even desks.


Counter-top Heaters For Granite, Marble And Other Stone Surfaces

Cozy up your counter-top at the bar, kitchen or bathroom with FeelsWarm® radiant heating elements that adhere to the underside of the countertop. The ultra-slim profile of our electric radiant countertop heaters makes them virtually invisible, discreetly adding a new level of luxuriant comfort to your home or business.

FeelsWarm® Countertop Heaters gently increase the temperature of the heated area an additional 20-25 degrees Fahrenheit, taking the chilly edge off of granite, marble, quartz, and other stone surfaces wherever you gather for work or pleasure.

Five kit sizes available:
11 in. x 24 in | 11 in. x 36 in | 17 in. x 30 in | 11 in. x 48 in | 11 in. x 60 in.

Kit Contents: Adhesive-backed heating element • Thermal Control Unit • Transformer (with power cord) • Velcro packet • Hole plug • Peel test strip • Thermal Control Unit mounting tape • Instruction manual • Surface Prep Kit • 2 cans of epoxy (Part A and Part B) • Small brush • Tongue depressor • Programmable timer (optional). Please read Instruction manual provided before installation.

Other Benefits:

  • Heaters can be used individually or in combination to cover larger sections.

  • Each heating mat includes its own programmable controls and power supply, giving you the flexibility to heat only the areas you desire.

  • Countertop heaters adhere discreetly and permanently to the underside of the countertop and gently warm the surface 20-25 degrees above room temperature.

  • The approximate operating cost of warming a countertop for 24 hours is around 10-cents-per-day.

  • All heating elements utilize a safe, low-voltage system (12-24V) for home safety, and are constructed with adhesives and plastic films that are UL Listed under the 94-V Flame Retardant standards.

  • All FeelsWarm® stick-on heaters are designed with ultra-high bonding adhesive to deter the edges of the heater from being peeled or delaminated from the stone, and are also impact/stretch resistant.

Countertop Heaters


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