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High End Recycling Containers - Metro Collection Single Stream Receptacle
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High End Recycling Containers - Metro Collection Single Stream Receptacle

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High-end beautiful recycling bins ideal for office, high class restaurants, country clubs and more. On sale now!


Metro Collection Single Stream Tapered Receptacle.

Elegant clean lines and quality construction merge to create a recycling container that is as visually beautiful as it is functional. This recycling receptacle will complement any decor, traditional or modern .

Available in Hammered Cooper finish Or Stainless Steel.

This recycling receptacle includes three easy to remove, interchangeable steel tops:
Beveled trash top / Flat tops for paper / Top for cans and bottles.
All are finished in a fingerprint proof, black texture EXL-Coat Powder coat finish.

  •  Unit Dimensions: 14" x 14" x 31" / 18 gallon Capacity.

  • Constructed of fire-safe steel.

  • Four heavy-duty feet keep the units slightly elevated to allow for air circulation and help restrict mold and mildew growth and unsightly discoloration of floor surfaces from “mop around” rings.

  • Pre-applied white mobius arrow and "Recycle" decal.

  • Transfer decal kit includes designations for: Recycle, Paper, Plastic, Cans/Bottles, Compost, Trash, and Waste plus plastic squeegee for quick and easy application.

  • The liner base resin meets UL94 Flammability Standard.

The Metro Collection is a line of high end recycling containers and is available in single, two or three stream units. By Ex-Cell Kaiser - A company committed to the development of high quality innovative recycling products.

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