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Steam Shower Generator For 1076-1275 Cubic Foot Shower Space

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Mr. Steam eSeries Generators are the most efficient, greenest, quietest, and the most reliable generators to power your home steam shower. Free Shipping.


Steam Shower Generator - Mr. Steam Model MS SUPER 6E for total room volume between 1076-1275 (cu.ft.).

Mr. Steam eSeries shower steam units come in 10 models manufactured for specific room/shower volumes: From Model MS90E: Up to 100 (cu.ft.), To Model MS SUPER 6E: 1076-1275 (cu.ft.).

The eSeries steam generators are about the size of a briefcase so they can be easily tucked away out of sight. You can install the generator up to 60 feet away from the steam shower and even locate it on another floor altogether.

MS SUPER 6E includes two MS SUPER 3E steam generators, and require either iSteam or iTempoPlus Control, and two matching steamheads.

  •  Mr Steam shower steam units come standard with a water temperature equalization chamber to assure a continuous flow of steam, with no pauses and no cold spots (This Autosteam® technology is unique to Mr.Steam Generators).

  • eSeries generators use no more than two gallons of water for a 20-minute steam shower, making them the eco-conscious luxury bathing option.

  • Built in precision temperature probe for optimal steam room temperature control and a microprocessor operating platform that does it all, from the most basic installation to the most elaborate.

  • Industrial-grade heating elements perform reliably, in all water conditions.

  • Water solenoid technology delivers whisper-quiet anti-hammer operation.

  • LED color indicators provides visual feedback for easy-to-navigate self-diagnostics.

  • eSeries generators are Designed, Engineered and Assembled in the USA and are US and Canadian UL listed, and CE and NOM certified for unsurpassed quality and safety.

  • Robotically welded, eSeries generators are built with recyclable, surgical-quality stainless steel inside and out.

  • On the rare occasion you need service, eSeries generators have removable and serviceable industrial grade heating elements.

  • Generators size: MS SUPER 4-6E 17”L  x  18.5”H x  7.9”D x 2.

  • Mr. Steam guarantees its eSeries generators with a plain-English limited lifetime warranty.

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[box type="note" style="rounded" icon="none"]eSeries Generators need a control pad to operate it (Controls sold separately). We offer the iSteam® 2.0, iTempo® and iTempo Plus control pads (Suitable for all e Series generators). All controls come with a matching steam head and cable to connect the control to the generator.[/box]

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