A Few Real Facts About Recycling

The average American generates about 4.4 pounds of trash per day yet recycles or composts only about 1.53 pounds. Think of how many products like cars, park benches, bicycles and much more, could be produced if all of that was recycled instead. As a whole, the United States produces approximately 250 million tons of trash each year and recycles and composts just over 87 million tons of this material, according to the U.S. EPA. So why not use the rest of our trash and recycle? The answer is convenience!

Convenience is the one big barrier to increased recycling. Most people won’t hold on to their garbage unless there is a bin in sight to toss it in. For recycling, convenience is even a bigger concern; recycling receptacles need to be readily available for cans, bottles, paper, and glass to be disposed of correctly and help keep our environment clean.

The keys to effectively encourage people to change their habits and take the complications out of recycling are three:

1. Recycling containers should be made with clear instructions to make it easy to understand where to put bottles, cans or trash.
2. Location of units – Homes, facilities, streets, and parks should place recycling containers in plain sight for quick access and usage.
3. Understanding the benefits of recycling! The truth is that huge projects like big buildings and an entire stadium could be built with recycled materials! This can be a reality if more Americans took time to do one thing: recycle! We all should aim to inspire those who do not recycle regularly to make recycling a part of their daily lives.

3 Stream Recycling ReceptacleAs the concept of recycling is making its way into homes and facilities, many are putting their best foot forward when it comes to being green and supporting green initiatives. One such company is Ex-Cell Kaiser, a developer and manufacturer of unique, high-quality recycling products. They have created a wide variety of recycling receptacles to support recycling programs in schools, hotels, resorts, offices, restaurants, park districts, and much more. With Ex-Cell recycling receptacles you can separate each material into its own compartment: bottles, cans, plastic, paper or just separate trash from recycling. No matter if it is indoor or outdoor, an industrial factory or a 5-star resort, Ex-Cell has the products to support your green initiatives to match the look and feel of your home or office.