Home Spa Package – iDream

$5,700.00 $4,275.00

For Mr-Steam Steam Generators Models MS 90E to MS Super 3E. (For total room volume 100 to 675) (cu.ft.). Other kits available.



The iDream spa package is everything you could possibly imagine in home steam shower luxury.

This home spa kit combines all the components needed for your exquisite steam system:

  • iSteam® swipe-touch control – An Intuitive sleek design in-shower steam control with many built-in features.
  • iSteam cool-to-the-touch steam head with integrated aromatherapy oil well for in-shower use.
  • Wireless remote iGenie™ – A simple, one-touch wireless connection  to the steam generating system.
  • Integrated ChromaTherapy for mood lighting.
  • AromaTherapy – Electronic oil delivery system that evenly infuses scent into the steam line. 
  • AudioSteam sound system – 2.0 sound system with a pair of in-shower music-therapy® speakers.
  • AutoFlush automatically flushes water out of the generator after every use, bringing in fresh water for your next use.

This Kit Is For Total Room Volume 100 to 675 (cu.ft.)

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iDream Package

iDream package is compatible with MS 90E to MS Super 3E include:

1 iSteam Touch Control
1 Matching iSteam steam head
1 iGenie™ Remote
1 AutoFlush®
1 Drip Pan
1 AromaSteam Oil Delivery System
1 ChromaSteam™ Mood Lighting System
1 AudioWizard™ sound system
1 Pair of square in-shower speakers