Ladder Lock for Truck Racks, J Bolt Ladder Lock


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Think ladder safety! Protects your extension ladders and step ladders against cross-winds, theft and accidents with this excellent  J bolt ladder lock. Easy on and off. No tools needed. No drilling, screwing or bolting!. Made In The USA!


Hook Um Dano J Bolt Ladder Lock For Truck Racks

The Sure Way to Lock Your Load!

This roof rack ladder lock is adjustable and will secure and lock up to 2 extension ladders or step ladders to your truck racks, van racks, trailer racks and any car racks.

The Hook Um Dano Ladder Lock J bolt can be attached to the front cross bar or center cross bar of your ladder racks, truck racks, van racks or trailer racks (as shown in pictures).

Get rid of cables, wires, ropes, straps and the risk of an eye injury from a broken bungee cord.


  • Each unit comes with a full 1 year warranty against manufacturers defects and workmanship.
  • No more loose chains or worn out wires, ropes straps or Bungee cords.
  • Locks and Secures your extension ladders and step ladders down tight.
  • Reduce ladder theft and loss while at the job or on the highway.
  • Safety and Security where ever you go.
  • Locks one or two ladders.
  • No bolting or screwing.
  • No tools needed.
  • Installs in seconds.
  • J-bolt Zinc coated for rust resistance.
  • Made In The USA!

Padlock Not Included

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Hook-Um Dano Ladder Lock is a must for:

Building Contractors – Power Companies – Landscapers  – Plumbing Contractors  – Cable Installers – Cooling Contractors – Heating Contractors – Electrical Contractors – Gas Companies – Window Washers – Home Inspectors – Telecommunications Contractors – Door Installers – Painting Contractors – Maintenance Contractors – Pest Control Contractors.

Locks 1 or 2 extension ladders or step ladders down tight.

Made In The USA!



How To Use Hook-Um Dano


1. Insert hook end on J-bolt down through center of ladder rung and hook under the roof rack of ladder rack
2. Slide cross bar down over J-bolt and place across ladder or rungs.
3. Screw handle into j-blot until it is down tight against cross bar.
4. Insert padlock down through 3/8 hole on handle and through cross bar.
5. Use padlock size: 2 ¼ inch shackle or longer (padlock not included).

Features and Benefits

– Safely Secures Extension Ladders and Step Ladders.
– Secures your Ladders down tight to your Ladder Racks, Roof Racks or Truck Racks.
– Adjustable to fit most any Ladder Rack, Roof Rack or Truck Rack.
– No more hassles with Chains, Wires, Rope, Straps and Bungee Cords.
– Protect your Ladders against Cross-Winds, Theft and Accidents.
– Steel pins on each end of cross bar prevent ladder lock from turning.
– Designed to compliment vehicle appearance.
– It can be changed from vehicle to vehicle.
– It is corrosive resistant and durable with an environmentally friendly red powder coat finish.
– Weather protective end caps.
– Virtually maintenance free.
– Protective center bushing allows j-bolt to slide with ease.
– Provide for a secure and safe transportation of Ladders.
– Reduce ladder theft and loss while at the job or on the highway.
– Help prevent high insurance claims due to ladder loss.
– Save money on ladder replacement.
– No more rattling, shaking and bouncing ladders.       
– Installs in seconds. Fast Spin on handle.
– No tools needed.   
– J-bolt: Zinc coated for rust resistance.
– Each unit comes with a full 1 year warranty against manufacturers defects and workmanship.