Level Head Tile Alignment System Assorted kit


Recommended for tight wall corners or as spot leveling system for when a different leveling system break.

Includes: 10 angle holders, 10 level heads, 1 Level Head Wrench.

2 Part System: Red and Black part come together to make one Level Head.
Corner part angle holder

Great for shower or bathroom that require corner tile.

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Level Head Tile Alignment System

Can be used as an all in one leveling system or is also great for spot repair when used in conjunction with other leveling systems!

Kit Includes: 10 Angle Holders, 10 Level Heads, 1 Level Head Wrench.


  • Angle holder are nice for tight corners where normal leveling systems don’t fit or are tough to fit. The level heads are smaller so they give more flexibility when doing tight corners on walls or showers
  • A truly totally reusable leveling system from RTC Products.
  • Allows users to level and align tiles on the spot as you go.
  • Fully reusable system is unlike any other system on the market today. Now you can set tiles in thinset and then use the Level Head to align one surface to the other.
  • Works on material 1/4″ to 5/8″ thick.

How to Use:
– Insert pin parallel into the grout joint then twist red T handle 90 degrees into position.
-Twist black rotating nut clockwise until both tile surfaces are flush.
– After the thinset has cured per manufacturer specifications simply loosen black rotating nut clockwise (Note: remove within 24 hrs)
-Twist the red handle back 90 degrees parallel to the grout joint allowing it to be removed.