PreFormed Ready To Tile Recess Shower Niches (Narrow 8 x 20)


PreFormed Shower Niches Are Perfect For Storage Of  Toiletries Within Your Arm’s Reach.


PreFormed Ready To Tile Niches (Narrow Combo Recess 8 x 20)

These ready to tile niches are coasted with poly prep, a one-component bonding cement, primer for EPS architectural foam and is protected with liquid waterproofing membranes.

Approx pre-finished dimension:

Face = 10 3/4″ x 23 3/4″.

Back = 9 1/4″ x 22 1/4″.

depth = 3 3/8″.

Front net on the inside = 8 1/4″ x 6 1/4″ and 8 1/4″ x 12 1/4″ Overall 8 1/4″ x 20 1/4″ depth = 3 1/2″.

Flange width on all PreFormed Niches is .75″, Cavity Depth is 3.5″. All Dimensions are nominal.

Top-quality preformed shower niche, made of corrosion resistant materials.

Our ready to tile shower niches are good for any application of finished materials – ceramic tile, marble, granite and more, which can be applied immediately after installation, using thin-set or standard mastics.

Niches are a one-piece construction, and guaranteed to never rot, degrade, or leak. Their insulation factor does not promote condensation in the wall cavity.

Benefits of ready to tile shower niches:

  • Recessed niches are perfect for clutter-free shower walls.
  • Easy to install and ready to tile in minutes.
  • Allows you to tile with the same tile as the surrounding walls.
  • No framing is needed prior to installation.
  • Produced of corrosion resistant materials and anti-fracture coating.
  • Comply with national plumbing codes.

Also Available PreFormed Ready To Tile Niches (Wide Combo Recess 12 x 22)

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