Royal Shower Drain Water Activated LED Lights

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Available colors: Green, Blue, Red and Multi-color.
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Royal Drain Water activated LED Lights

2 LED lights, charging unit and power cord included.

Approximate dimensions: 4″ Long x 2 3/8″ Wide x 3/8 Thick

120/240 volt

Water activated LED lights illumination is possible for both standard and custom shower channels.

The illumination is based on simple circuit completion – as sufficient water runs over the LED light packs the circuit connects the contacts of the LED light modules and the lights turn on. When the water stops running the illumination switches off. Allowing a daily showering duration of 15 minutes, batteries would need to be recharged after approx. three months.

  • Suitable for all grate designs except tile
  • Will fit with most linear drains in the market
  • Automatically illuminate when in contact with water
  • Light kit consisting of: 2 x rechargeable LED packs 1 x 110V/240V UL rated low voltage charger

Battery: 3.7v, 1000mA
Blue LED light: 2.3-2.7V
Red an green LED light: 1.5V
Electric Current: 20mA


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