VitaJuwel ViA Wellness Gem-Water Bottle with GemPod Crystals, ViA Hero (New)


ViA Hero – Tiger Eye / Smoky Quartz / Gold

VitaJuwel Via Gemwater Bottles Benefits:

  • Preserves your gemwater like no other.
  • Astonishing design that makes catering and serving gem-water an exciting experience.
  • Lead-free, borosilicate glass bottle
  • Unique, puristic design, holds a generous 16.7 fl.oz
  • Two openings make cleaning the bottle as easy as 1-2-3

Additional GemPod can be purchased separately (See Collection) Free Shipping

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VitaJuwel ViA Gemwater Bottle with GemPod Crystals, ViA Hero (New)

ViA Hero – This blend is your powerful and all-natural sword and shield in every day’s challenges. Available for a limited time only! Need more courage to master a special project? Tiger’s Eye is your stone! Add smoky quartz for strength, gold for protection and clear quartz to amplify those attributes. Awaken the tiger in you with this extraordinarily powerful blend. Known and revered as the “all-knowing and all-seeing eye” Tiger’s Eye stands like no other stone for courage and integrity. Mysterious Smoky Quartz adds strength and stability and Gold is said to protect against negativity.

GemPod Blends:

Wellness (amethyst – rose quartz – clear quartz)
5 Elements (amethyst – chalcedony – petr. wood – rose quartz – agate)
Fitness (red jasper – magnesite – clear quartz)
Balance (sodalite – chalcedony – clear quartz)
Love (rose quartz – garnet – clear quartz)
Vitality (emerald – clear quartz)
Luna (rainbow moonstone / labradorite – clear quartz)
Forever Young (aventurine – aquamarine – smoky quartz)
Happiness (carnelian – orange calcite – jade / nephrite – clear quartz)
Guardian (black tourmaline – amethyst – clear quartz)
Inspiration (lapis lazuli – rutilated quartz)
Diamonds (diamond slivers – clear quartz)
Balance OLD (sodalite – clear quartz)
Love OLD (rose quartz)
Momentum (chalcedony – moss agate – milk opal)
Beauty (amethyst – aventurine quartz – rose quartz)
Inner Purity (aquamarine – clear quartz)
Focus (red jasper – sodalite – orange calcite – agate – aventurine quartz)
Passion (carnelian – halite salt)
Sunny Morning (orange calcite – clear quartz)
Allure (garnet – clear quartz)
Vision (noble shungite – clear quartz)
Golden Moments (rhine gold – halite salt – garnet)
Ayurveda (rose – tourm. – moonst. – moss agate – peridot – garnet – cyanite)