VitaJuwel Water Dispenser Grande With Gem Vial


VitaJuwel Grande set includes the decanter plus lid, faucet, glass stand and the a variety of Gemstone Vials. Choose one of 12 available blends. Additional Gem Blends can be bought separately. Free Shipping

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VitaJuwel Water Dispenser

Holds 2 Gallons of Gem Water.

  • FITS SMALL COUNTERS – The stand supports the VitaJuwel dispenser that has 6.9 inches foot, just the right fit in every kitchen or water bar.
  • HOLDS TWO GALLONS OF GEM WATER – The water dispenser can hold two gallons of gem water and works with all VitaJuwel gemstone vials.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – All items from VitaJuwel such as this water dispenser and stand combination are designed in a way that they are very easy to clean. Always keep them away from dirt and debris for them to remain both useful and attractive.

Start thinking about water in a new dimension – Where elegance meets functionality. Imagine VitaJuwel Grande in a downtown boutique, a trendy gallery, a cosmopolitan coffee shop, a cozy home, a tranquil spa, a holistic doctor’s office, an upbeat club, a bright and modern jewelry store. VitaJuwel grande is the state-of-the-art solution for all environments to serve more than just a few cups of water to guests or thirsty family members. It holds 2 gallons of gem-water and works with all of the 18 available blends of the regular-sized VitaJuwel Gemstone Vials.

VitaJuwel grande has an extra-large top opening to make cleaning as easy as 1-2-3- The stainless steel faucet is absolutely leak-proof due to its Teflon seal. As the diameter is just 20 cm, it fits right in every apartment kitchen or water bar. Designed in the German Alps and is made of high-quality premium glass. This guarantees long time use!


  • Total height: 67 cm. (including vial 71 cm.)
  • Diameter: 20 cm.


    • Wellness: Amethyst // Rose Quartz // Clear Quartz
    • Fitness: Red Jasper // Magnesite // Clear Quartz.
    • Five Elements: Amethyst // Chalcedony // Petrified Wood // Rose Quartz // Ocean Agate.
    • Balance: Sodalite // Chalcedony // Clear Quartz.
    • Love: Rose Quartz // Garnet // Clear Quartz.
    • Forever Young: Aventurine // Aquamarine // Smoky Quartz.
    • Guardian: Black Tourmaline // Amethyst // Clear Quartz.
    • Happiness: Carnelian // Orange Calcite // Jade (Nephrite) // Clear Quartz.
    • Luna: Rainbow Moonstone (White Labradorite) // Clear Quartz.
    • Vitality: Emerald // Clear Quartz.
    • Inspiration: Lapis Lazuli // Rutilated Quartz.
    • Diamonds: Diamond Slivers // Clear Quartz.