VitaJuwel Wine Decanter With Vino Wand


Handcrafted in Europe, it is an exquisite masterpiece.

On Average the dimensions are 15x7x3.5 however the wine decanters vary in size because each piece is hand-blown and highly unique.

Wine decanter package – Decanter with gemstone wand Vino.


VitaJuwel Wine Decanter

In order to celebrate a great wine properly, we created a uniquely shaped wine decanter.

Fill it with a bottle of wine, place the VitaJuwel Vino inside, wait for 7 minutes and pour yourself and your friends a glass. You‘ll be amazed!

The ancient Greek knew about the fascinating attributes of gems and infused their wine with amethysts to improve its taste. Amethyst means “the non-intoxicable” in classical Greek. Well, “Vino“ won‘t prevent you from getting drunk, but the difference in taste of the wine after being treated by „Vino“ is absolutely amazing: While preserving a wine’s fruity aroma, the tannins are usually perceived to be a lot smoother and more pleasant. „Vino“ contains amethyst and rock crystal. Its uniquely curved surface makes the vial a true masterpiece.