ATR Tile Leveling System Review

ATR Tile Leveling Lippage-free System – FAQ

The ATR tile leveling system is a new tool designed to eliminate the problem of lippage in tile flooring and create a 100% flat surface on your floor. This tile leveling system is a very simple and innovative product that will greatly assist in the installation of ceramic, marble, stone, granite and large format slab tiles.

Anyone, experienced or not, can now create a lippage free tile install on floors and walls. The system interlocks the tiles together, creating a single flat slab surface while the setting material is curing. The interlocking design reduces and in most cases eliminates settling from shrinkage and minimizing the possibility of warping.

This amazing new tool increases the speed of installation, all the while creating that ideal lippage free mirror like surface, even at the hands of DIYers.

Advantages of using the ATR Tile System:

1. Quick and easy to use – provides an accurate smooth finish and has been proven to increase productivity in tile laying time by 20 to 35 percent.
2. The spindle is reusable and recyclable.
3. Will eliminate any lippage where the floor or wall coverage area is reasonably leveled.
4. ATR tile leveler is designed to work with any size tile with a thickness of between 6mm and 20mm.
5. Perfect for ceramic, porcelain, marble, onyx, granite and most composites.
6. The tile leveling tool can be used on walls.
7. Learning to use this system is a simple procedure which only takes minutes.
8. A 12mm trowel can be used especially for thicker tiles or at a minimum a 10mm trowel for any size tile down to a thickness of 6mm.

Check  List For Preparation of surface:

1. Make sure the surface is suitable for tiling. Follow recommendations of your tile manufacturer to identify suitable surfaces.
2. Assess substrate for flatness or evenness. Fill in cracks and gaps with an appropriate compound.
3. Ensure area is swept clean and clear of debris.

If you’re using a cordless drill:

– Use a cordless drill with voltage no greater than 10.8 volts and its clutch mechanism set to low to prevent any over tightening or potential stripping of thread on your spacing plate.
– You can test your clutch by tightening a spindle that is attached to a spacing plate and has been placed in between a couple of tiles with no adhesive and adjust the clutch mechanism of the drill accordingly.
– Use your cordless drill with a 10mm metric socket bit.

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