AKO D14120 120v Digital Thermostat for Refrigeration
AKO D14120 Digital Thermostat for Refrigeration 120v
AKO D14120 Digital Thermostat for Refrigeration 120v

AKO D14120 120v Digital Thermostat for Refrigeration

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AKO D14120 120v All-purpose Digital Temperature Controller for Refrigeration

Includes: Digital thermostat, 1 contact (compressor), 1 temperature-sensor, Fahrenheit and Celsius readings, mounting bracket, automatic defrost timer, adjustable -50F +250F, for all cooling and heating appliances suitable for residential, commercial and industrial.

AKO digital controller thermostats can replace all mechanical and digital thermostats and can be used for all refrigeration equipment with no limit of equipment size.

Applications: Industrial and commercial refrigeration systems – walk in coolers, reach-in coolers, chillers, bottle coolers, food display cases, heated food trolley, vending machines, automatic beverage dispensers, market and food showcases, commercial beverage coolers, supermarket refrigerated display cases, bakery display cases, walk in beer cooler, thermolabile, refrigerated transport vehicles, wine Installations, incubators, aquarium temperature controller and various other temperature commercial equipment requiring off cycle defrost.

- keeps memory at power off.
- Programmable for cold and heat.
- Display and control in °C and °F with decimalpoint.
- NTC/PTC probe selectable by programme.
- Possible password protection for configuration.
- Defrost by compressor shutdown.
- Configuration wizard depending on application (8 configurations).

EAN: 8431636014475
Brand: AKO
Mfg Part #: 141969550

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