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AKO D-14312 12v Digital Temperature Controller for Commercial Freezers

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For all Freezer appliances suitable for residential, commercial and industrial.

Included: Digital thermostat AKO D-14312, 3 contacts (compressor, fan, defrost heater), 2 temperature-sensors, Fahrenheit and Celsius readings, mounting bracket, automatic defrost timer, adjustable -50F +250F. For all freezers cooling and heating appliances suitable for residential, commercial and industrial. keeps memory at power off.


Universal Digital Temperature Controller for Commercial Freezers with 2 Temperature-sensors.

Temperature controller Range from -50ºC to +99ºC, 3 relays, panel mounting.

Best quality OEM replacement universal digital thermostat for  refrigeration and freezers manufacturers (such as Beverage-air & Ojeda). AKO controller can replace all mechanical and digital thermostats and can be used for all freezer & refrigeration equipment with no limit of equipment size.

Applications: Industrial and commercial refrigeration, display cabinets, electrical panels, industrial freezers, walk in freezers, industrial chest freezers, commercial upright freezers, restaurant freezers, glass door freezers, etc.

Additional Information

* Range from -50,0 ºC to +99,9 ºC, 3 relays, panel mounting.
* Compressor, fan and auxiliary relay.
* Auxiliary relay programmable as Defrost, Alarm or Light.
* Defrosts programmable by controlling compressor, resistances (or cycle reversal) and fans.
* Optional probe allows defrosting by temperature.
* Programmable digital inputs such as door switch, external alarm, remote defrost, energy saving or continuous cycle.
* Configuration wizard depending on application (8 configurations).
* Panel cut-out dimensions 71 x 29 mm
* Front panel dimensions79 x 38 mm
* Depth 61 mm

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